probate law

what is probate law?

Probate is the legal process wherein an individual's property and possessions are divided among the family and other heirs in your will. It's vital to have a clearly written will. That will make it far easier on your family. If you don't have a will when you pass away, the probate court will rely on state law to distribute your belongings. This is not an ideal situation for your heirs.

texas probate, trust, estate administration

The administrator of a will, estate, or trust needs to be assigned by the person who created the will or trust, or agreed upon by the beneficiaries. The administrator is always represented by a lawyer in Texas, because a non-licensed person cannot represent a third party’s interests. It is the purpose of an administrator to settle all of the debts with creditors, and distribute the shares to all beneficiaries. Because this is a fiduciary relationship, it creates legal obligations that generally require legal expertise, and this is where the lawyer for the administrator comes in. This, among other reasons, is why people choose to hire a lawyer to administer their estates.

probate avoidance

If you can successfully avoid probate, you'll enjoy a few key benefits:

  • Your heirs will be able to claim funds faster and with greater ease
  • You'll avoid probate court fees
  • Your affairs will be kept private, instead of appearing in public court records

By thinking ahead and preparing your will and accounts the way you want now, you will save your family and heirs significant stress and unnecessary arguments and conflict in the future. If you need professional legal assistance to execute a will, get in touch with us.

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