Estate Planning (Austin Only)

If your loved one has recently passed away without a will, then you know about the kind of complications that can arise when that situation occurs.  At MacGeorge Law Firm, we are aware that your focus should be on family, and ensuring that your loved ones have the easiest experience possible after you pass away. With our experience in estate planning, we can take all of the legal stress off of your plate. Our experienced Austin area attorney and legal staff will find the best legal path for your estate plan, and walk you through each step. MacGeorge Law Firm is experienced in both wills and trusts, and can help you create a completely customized plan. In the world of planning for the future, it can never be too soon. Incapacity and death can occur any day, at any time, and it can be completely unexpected. You've worked hard for your belongings, and to take care of your family. Don't let that effort go to waste by failing to plan for what happens to them after you're gone. Call my office today to discuss the differences between a will and a trust, and how having the right plan can help you avoid tax liabilities.    

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