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If your loved one has recently passed away, the last thing you want to deal with is the stress of administering their estate. At MacGeorge Law Firm, we are aware that your focus should be on family, and ensuring that your loved one is honored in their passing. With our experience in probate practice, we can take all of the legal stress off of your plate. Our experienced Houston area attorney and legal staff will find the best legal path for estate administration, and walk you through each step. MacGeorge Law Firm is experienced in both contested and uncontested probate, as well as intestacy representation, when someone passes without a will.

Unlike other areas of the law, probate is an area of the law that you cannot perform without the help of any attorney, otherwise known as pro se representation. This is because as an executor you are not representing yourself, but the estate of a deceased person, and Texas law prevents any unlicensed person from representing any other third party. Probate can be a long and arduous process that is full of hard deadlines and statutory requirements. But, it is necessary in order to settle affairs, quiet titles, and transfer property appropriately. That is why it is extremely important to hire the right team of dedicated professionals to handle your probate administration. Call MacGeorge Law Firm today if you have questions or concerns regarding the administration of an estate.

Testate Probate – When a person passes away with a valid will, or will codicil in place

Our legal staff in Houston is experienced and prepared to help you carry out the last wishes of your loved-one in the least stressful way possible. As an executor of a will, you will have a lot of burden and responsibility on your shoulders, as well as the accompanying liability and risks associated with administering an estate properly. At MacGeorge Law Firm, we can help you navigate Texas law appropriately, and avoid opening you up to lawsuits for improper administration. You should not delay on seeking legal advice and counsel on the administration of an estate, as there are statutory limitations on the amount of time within which it can be taken care of. Call or schedule your free 30-minute consultation today.

Intestate Probate – When a person passes away without a will, or will codicil in place

Undoubtedly, you will have multiple questions that arise when your loved one passes away without a will. Sometimes the stress of the unknown is worse simply because you don’t have the answers you need. Our compassionate and dedicated legal team at MacGeorge Law Firm is here to help you. We understand that you need to know what will happen next, and we are here for you. The intestacy laws in Texas are pretty favorable towards surviving spouses, and children, and many times our client’s find that their stress over what will happen was not necessary after consulting with our firm. You are not without resources simply because your loved-one died without a will. Call MacGeorge Law Firm today, or schedule a free 30-minute consultation to speak with an attorney right away.

Alternative Probate – With certain criteria, simpler avenues of probate may be pursued

Texas Law allows for several other versions of administration of estates, depending on different criteria being met. For example, a person who dies with a valid will, and without unsecured debt may be able to pursue a muniment of title proceeding, because full administration is not necessary. At MacGeorge Law Firm, our dedicated legal team will work to find the absolute best option available to you, in order to handle your case efficiently and in the most cost-effective manner available.

Beneficiary Defense

Sometimes in life we encounter people who try to skirt the law, or operate in the gray-area so as to benefit themselves. Estate administration is no exception to this, and oftentimes executors will attempt to self-deal, or take more from the estate than they have the legal right to do. At MacGeorge Law Firm, we specialize in representing beneficiaries’ interests in estates, against an executor’s actions. We have run across executors attempting to claim interest in property by falsifying receipts, or attempting to probate a will that was subsequently revoked. Additionally, we have protected beneficiaries’ interest against estate assets an executor was falsely claiming to be a gift to them personally. Texas law has strong protections in favor of beneficiaries, and against executors who wrongfully administer the estate. If you are the beneficiary of an estate and you feel you are being taken advantage of, we encourage you to call our experienced Houston legal team today for advice.

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