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As an Austin area firm, our team members at MacGeorge Law Firm understand that the law affects people in many different ways. Our skilled Austin attorney has experience in both counsel and representation, and is prepared to help with a variety of legal matters. Here are only a few of the services that you can rely on MacGeorge Law Firm to perform to your complete satisfaction:

Wills & Estate Planning - Austin Only

As humans it is necessary to prepare for what happens next. As we go through our lives, this concept does not escape us. We put money aside for retirement, invest in life and other insurance, and we choose what will happen to our property when we pass on, so that our loved-ones are provided-for in the way only we know is best. While Texas laws are not wholly unfavorable to surviving families, it cannot account for your personal desires, relationships, or knowledge of your family situation. Therefore, contacting an attorney to plan for your estate is extremely important. Life is uncertain, accidents happen every day, and changes occur that will affect either your wishes, or the validity of a previously executed will (i.e. divorce), so estate planning not just a task for later. At MacGeorge Law Firm, our legal staff can help you draft a will today that takes care of your family when you pass on in the way that you think is best. And, we include yearly review of your file to ensure current compliance with Texas law, and to help you account for any changes that you may desire as a result of changes in your life. Call our Houston office to plan for your family’s future today.

Trust Creation - Austin & Houston

Trusts can help you avoid a lot of the stringent requirements associated with the probate of a will, and make administration more cost-effective, transfer and management of your property easier if you become incapacitated, or even help to prevent a contest from your family. Trusts come with their own set of limitations, however, so it’s important to always consult with an attorney about which estate planning tool is best for your situation. MacGeorge Law Firm’s Houston-based team is here to help.

Contract Review - Austin & Houston

Have you recently received a job offer from a new employer, alongside a long employment contract full of legal-jargon? Or perhaps you are an independent contractor who is entertaining a new relationship with a company that will send you clients in exchange for a split in fees or other considerations. Maybe you are buying a product or service and want to make sure you are not disclaiming any warranties made to you by signing a contract. In any case, you will want to make sure of two things, your interests are protected, and you completely understand the effect and implications of what you are signing. At MacGeorge Law Firm, our team of legal professionals can review any contract for you, to ensure that you are protected. Our Houston area team is experienced on both sides of contract litigation, and know what pitfalls to avoid when it comes to written contracts. Contract-review is on a flat-fee basis, so the process is extremely transparent from the beginning. Call us today if you want to make sure you aren’t signing away your rights.

Contract Drafting - Austin & Houston

Are you selling a car that has mechanical problems, and want to make sure that the buyer can’t come back and sue you later? Are you an employer or company that would like to draft an employee handbook, or employment contract, but wants to make sure that it is enforceable and binding? The experienced staff at MacGeorge Law Firm can draft any type of legal contract you need for personal or business use, and will work to ensure that your interests are fully protected.

Unbundled Legal Services – Austin & Houston

MacGeorge Law Firm offers a variety of unbundled legal services in order to better serve low-moderate income clientele. If you have a legal issue, but don’t think you can afford legal help, consider calling MacGeorge Law Firm, or scheduling a free 30-minute consultation with our attorney anyways. Our law office can help to craft a set of unbundled legal services that will help you cut costs and still get the help you need.

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