Debt Collections in Houston, Spring, Tomball

Business Collections

You have worked hard to establish your business and provide excellent services for your customers, and now you are having trouble getting payment from your customers. Perhaps your Houston area client has felt the brunt of a highly competitive and volatile market lately, and lost their ability to pay, or you feel you can’t enforce a debt against them because you failed to get a written contract. As a result, and despite your best efforts, you find yourself overwhelmed by the outstanding debt, and you look into selling the debt in order to recoup your financing losses. Stop there. MacGeorge Law Firm understands your concerns and we will work to collect your receivables quickly and with minimal hassle and stress, and for less than the cost the debt collection agencies will charge you. Our highly qualified and dedicated staff in Houston will use every resource at their disposal to collect on monies owed to your business, so that you can focus on what really matters. Moreover, we won’t get paid unless you do, so the costs to pursue this type of claim is limited to expenses.

Consumer Collections

Ever ordered and paid for a product or service that you never received, or received something different than advertised? Imagine the bounce house you ordered for your child’s second birthday just never arrived, and the company never calls you back or sends you a refund. MacGeorge Law Firm has helped clients in Houston and Spring recover money owed to them in these situations. Sometimes simply trying to call the company you purchased the item from will not work. More business owners than you would imagine operate under the knowledge that only a limited few consumers will take an issue all the way to trial, so more often than not, they get away without having to pay. Fortunately, our expert staff are experienced law professionals in the Houston area, who are ready and willing to take your case as far as it needs to go to get a favorable result for you. Moreover, we provide free 30-minute consultations that cater to your personal situation.

Whether you need help collecting for business or personal reasons, MacGeorge Law Firm will provide free and confidential consultations* to get you back your life with minimal anxiety. Please contact us today to perform any collections you may have ongoing.

*Consultations are free up to 30 minutes. A charge of $125 will apply per ½ hour after the initial 30 minute. Consultations do not create an attorney-client relationship.

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